Sunday, December 26, 2010

Thank You MRAC!

I'm very excited to announce that we received a $5000 Community Arts grant from the Metropolitan Regional Arts Council to help fund our upcoming year. This wouldn't have been possible had not Minnesotans voted in favor of the Clean Water Land and Legacy Amendment in 2008! This grant is part of the "Minnesota Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund." It means we'll be recording this year, which is pretty cool. Thank you to all the folks at MRAC and the grant panel. Happy New Year!

Also, for those of you that requested, here are the lyrics to Rudolph the Union Reindeer:

Rudolph the Union Reindeer
Organized for deer safety
When they’d fly to deliver presents
They had no lights with which to see

The Reindeer, they would get injured
Taking off and trying to park
But Santa would just replace them
and keep them flying in the dark!

Then one foggy Christmas Eve,
Rudolph went to say,
“Old Saint Nick, don’t be so tight,
Give us headlights or we will strike”

Then all the Reindeer walked out
‘Til Santa finally had to act
He gave each deer a headlight
And bargained their first contract!

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