About the Twin Cities Labor Chorus

The Twin Cities Labor Chorus was started in January, 2009 with two organizers, and has grown to nearly 30 members. We sing music ranging from "The Little Red Song Book" to contemporary and original labor music.

Our mission is to empower the labor movement and reclaim protest and social justice music from the forces that would commodify it for profit. Also, to promote singing amongst union members and the public as a tool for building community and magnifying our collective power.

We sing in labor halls, at union events and rallies, in public spaces, and on picket lines. The labor chorus is free to join and open to anyone who has a passion for social justice and is willing to learn music in a communal setting.

Twin Cities Labor Chorus Bylaws

Currently, we rehearse every other Tuesday at the Carpenters Council, 710 Olive Street in St. Paul.

If you are interested in singing with the chorus, or for questions about scheduling the labor chorus for a performance, contact Josh Whitney-Wise at tclaborchorus@gmail.com, or 952-818-5474.

To make a donation to the Chorus, contact Michael Kuchta at 651-287-0537 or michael.kuchta@afscmemn.org. Donations can be mailed to PO Box 40095, St. Paul, MN 55104.